Shadow of the Law Publications is thrilled to support the Authentic Allyship Project's Book Club launch by partnering to offer a book subscription option for book club members.

Structured not as a profit-generating service but to instead make it easier for book club members to access books featured seasonally by the club, the service involves paying one annual price and having 4 books delivered to you, one a season, in advance of the book club meeting where the book will be discussed.

The Authentic Allyship Project's Book Club featured books are generally fairly accessible, some even in local libraries, and this service is available to support those short on time to source featured books on their own.

Outside of this optional service, the The Authentic Allyship Project's Book Club is completely free.


Subscription terms run from Summer to Spring and include all featured books for the book club's season. Please click on the button below to subscribe for the Summer 2022 - Spring 2023 book club season. The cost is $130 and includes 4 books and 4 deliveries, subject to applicable tax.

book subscription (with delivery) $130 + tax