Since 2020, Shadow of the Law Publications has been publishing groundbreaking works of interest to the field of dispute resolution.

We ship hard copies of our publications from shipping centres located in Barrie, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, Canada and offer electronic versions of most of our works.

Our publications have been circulated worldwide and have been utilized in a variety of undergraduate and graduate-level university and college courses, along with events presented by bar associations, law societies and dispute resolution non-profits.

Established, in part, in response to the high cost of some academic-focused publications, we are committed to keeping our publications priced reasonably and offer complimentary copies of many of our publications.

We are the official publisher of the Canadian Collaborative for Engagement & Conflict Management and the Authentic Allyship Project.

We are also proud to have donated select publications to university and college instructors and in support of the Trinity College Book Sale and the Student Advisory Committee of the Diversified Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (DDRIOC).